As the weather warms up, you may be looking for ways to give your home’s curb appeal a boost. Whether you want to sell your house or just make the exterior more attractive, there are plenty of spring home exterior improvement projects that will help achieve your goal.

5 Home Exterior Improvement Projects

Working on your home’s exterior is a great way to spend your time during spring. Winter may have taken its toll on your home’s features and landscaping. Spring is the ideal time to work outside. The weather is warm, but not too hot. Plus, many contractors are eager to work after a slow winter.

Update the Landscaping

There are lots of ways to make your whole property look better by working on the landscape. Fertilize your lawn. Plant new flowers, shrubbery, and trees. Edge flower beds with mulch. You can even repair pits in walkways and driveways with a little cement.

Replace the Siding

The most visible part of your home is the siding. When it is worn out and damaged, it brings down your property value. Replacing the siding improves efficiency, protects the structure, and restores curb appeal. With the right siding and trim design ideas, you can give your home a whole new look.

Install a New Roof

An uneven roofline with peeling shingles doesn’t help property value or curb appeal. If you have visible wear and tear on the roof, it probably means that there are water leaks in the attic too. Reach out to roofing companies to get quotes now before they get too busy.

Build a Deck

Most homeowners forget about the importance of their outdoor living spaces when planning home remodeling projects. A new deck provides you with a safe, comfortable space to enjoy warm weather. It’s also a great way to increase the living area of a small home without the expense of a major addition. If your deck is visible from the road, it will also improve curb appeal.

Home Exterior Improvement Projects for the Front Entry

Make your entryway more welcoming with a beautiful new front door. Entryways are much more than just the front door, but also include lighting, railings, door hardware, the doormat, and potted plants. The style of your entryway can set the mood for your entire home interior. Give it a boost with a bold and colorful new front door, stylish hardware, and flowering plants.

Take advantage of pleasant weather this spring to complete home exterior improvement projects that increase curb appeal.

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