Well-tended landscaping adds to your home’s curb appeal. With some work and maintenance, you can maintain a healthy lawn all summer.

Water to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn needs water to look green and vibrant. Watering as necessary should be your first priority when working to maintain a healthy lawn. Summer rainstorms will often take care of the watering for you, but sometimes you’ll need to supplement during summer’s drier times.

Automatic sprinkler systems are great for making sure that the lawn always has plenty of water, but they often provide too much water. Monitor your climate and use a garden hose or water dry areas by hand. It’s best to water your lawn when the sun isn’t directly overhead. Give the grass time to soak up the water by watering early in the morning.

Fertilizer Will Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful All Summer

Fertilizer promotes grass growth and makes it greener and healthier. New growth crowds out unwanted weeds. You will need to mow more often after you treat your lawn with fertilizer, but thicker, greener grass is worth the effort.

Fertilizer also shouldn’t be applied in the middle of a hot summer day because it can burn the grass. Late afternoons or evenings are best. You’ll also apply fertilizer at different times of the year, depending on where you live and what type of grass you have.


After a few seasons of fertilizing, you will have established a healthy lawn and won’t be dealing with as many weeds. If you’re fertilizing in the spring, use a weed and feed blend as a first step to maintain a healthy lawn. As the season progresses, apply different types of weed control, depending on the kinds of weeds that grow in your area. Sometimes it’s easier to dig them out by hand if there aren’t too many. Make sure that you get the roots so they don’t grow back.

Control Insects to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Whether you are just protecting your lawn or flowers and shrubs too, you will probably want to use an application of insect control early in the season. Different insects peak at different times throughout the summer. You may find yourself reapplying insect control throughout the growing season to maintain a healthy lawn all summer.


Some physical effort is required to maintain a healthy lawn. Working in your yard is a great way to spend time outdoors, however, you can also hire someone to take care of your landscaping instead. Mowing the grass, trimming shrubs, and weeding the flower beds are some of the jobs you should tackle for a great looking lawn.

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