You may be selling your home and want to get top dollar, or perhaps you’re ready for a change in your living space and have been saving up for improvements. No matter the situation, there are certain projects that are sure to increase your property value. Here are 5 ways you can add value to your home.

Knock Out a Wall to Add Value to Your Home

If the kitchen and living room are separated by one wall, create an open floor plan by simply removing it. This project does not usually cost very much in labor and materials and it provides a high return on investment. An open floor plan is a feature you can highlight when putting your home on the market.

Even if you’re planning on staying in your home, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an open floor plan. Open floor plans are great for entertaining and fill the home with more light. If you have small children or plan to start a family, an open floor plan is ideal for supervising kids and sharing a common space.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows tend to be thinner and more drafty than the models being manufactured today. Replace older windows and your home will be more energy-efficient. They also upgrade the home cosmetically and you’ll no longer have to deal with windows that are hard to open and close. Look for double or triple-paned windows that are ENERGY STAR-certified for your region.

Add Value to Your Home with a New Deck

Outdoor living space is popular for most homebuyers. Many people searching for homes put a large deck, patio, or yard high on their list of priorities. Building a new, sturdy deck is another way to add value to your home. If you have an aging deck that is rickety and unsafe, you’ll make your home more valuable by replacing it.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

You don’t have to completely overhaul the kitchen to make some impactful changes. Take stock of your kitchen and list out the pros and cons. Perhaps you have newer stainless steel appliances but the cabinets and countertops look dingy. Maybe just switching out the light fixture would make a world of difference. Homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it is important for this room to be attractive and functional.

Upgrade the Front Door

One of the best return on investments a homeowner can get is from painting or replacing the front door. The front door is the focal point for most homes and if the door isn’t attractive, it drags down the curb appeal of the whole house. Find a bold color for your front door that complements the rest of the home’s color scheme.

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