Saving water at home isn’t a difficult task. You will be conserving a valuable natural resource and reducing your monthly utility bill. Create habits that lead to less water being used during everyday activities. Let’s take a look at a few ways to save water at home.

Shut Off Faucets to Save Water at Home

We often use water when we don’t need it. Turn off the tap during everyday tasks. Don’t let the faucet run as you:

  • Scrub dishes
  • Shave
  • Brush your teeth

Turning off the faucets instead of letting them run has a major impact on how much water your household uses.

Use a Dual Sink to Wash Dishes

The best way to avoid letting the water run as you wash dishes is to use dual sinks. Plug the sinks and use one sink for the soapy, hot water. Use the second sink for clean water to rinse dishes.

In most cases, the best way to wash dishes is to use a dishwasher. Modern, ENERGY STAR dishwashing machines use less water than hand-washing dishes. Only run the dishwasher when the load is full to reach maximum efficiency.

Scape the Dishes

Instead of rinsing dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, scrape them off into the trash can or compost pile. The effectiveness of this water-saving method will depend on the condition of your dishwasher.

Save Water at Home by Using it Wisely

Repurposing water is a great habit to develop if you want to use less water. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Fill a bowl or bucket as you wait for the water to get hot.
  • Capture water from rinsing vegetables.
  • Save water from cooking pasta.

What do you do with this water? The water you save while waiting for the shower to warm up can be used to flush the toilet or wash off the patio. Use water captured while cooking for your indoor plants or in the garden.

Try Composting to Save Water

Did you know that your garbage disposal uses a lot of water? Instead, toss food scraps into a compost pile outside. Compost is good for your garden and you’ll be cutting down on water usage.

Get a More Efficient Clothes Washer

Washing clothes is one of the biggest water-consuming activities in most households. Save water at home by investing in a new, high-efficiency washer. Just like dishwashers, ENERGY STAR washing machines use a lot less water than older models.

Use Rainwater to Save Water at Home

Use a rainwater collection system or simply invest in a 55-gallon drum and place it under the gutter’s downspout. Many rainwater collection systems have barrels with attachments for a garden hose. Use this water in the garden or for chores like scrubbing the patio.

Fix Household Leaks

Don’t ignore leaks. A faucet leaking at one drip per second can waste over 2,000 gallons each year. Pipes leaking under sinks not only waste water but can also cause mold growth. Check regularly for leaks around the house and fix them promptly.

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