The cooler temperatures and the changing leaves are reminders that it’s time to begin preparing your home for fall. Completing these tasks now will get your home ready for the cold winter weather ahead. These fall home maintenance tasks help get you on the right track for fall and winter.

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Weather with Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Have HVAC System Checked

Your central air conditioning has been running during the hot summer months, so now that the temperatures have cooled down and you’ll switch to heating in the coming weeks, it’s time to get the system checked.

Have the HVAC system inspected and serviced before you need to start heating your home. This allows your HVAC to run efficiently and helps prevent problems later on in the winter months.

Prepare Your Home for Fall by Cleaning the Chimney

If your home has a fireplace or wood stove, fall is the perfect time of year to inspect and clean the chimney.

Birds and other small critters often build nests in chimneys and stovepipes during the summer, creating a fire hazard when the fireplace or wood-burning stove is used. Inspect for cracks or other issues and have the chimney cleaned to remove creosote build-up and other debris.

Inspect Roof and Gutters to Prepare for Fall

Visually inspect your home’s roof and gutters and look for any cracks, missing shingles, or other potential problems. As you are preparing your home for fall, make sure that the roof and gutter system can hold up to the snow and ice that winter will bring.

Wait to clean gutters until all the leaves have fallen off nearby trees. Leaf-clogged gutters can cause damage to your home, by preventing water from flowing off the roof and away from the siding and foundation.

Winterize Outdoor Spigots

In late fall, turn off outdoor water spigots and wrap exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting when temperatures drop. Drain and put away garden hoses, sprinklers, and other outdoor items while preparing your home for fall.

Get Snow Removal Equipment Ready

If you live in a climate that has winter snowfall, you need reliable snow removal equipment. Other tasks for late fall include having the snowblower serviced, stocking up on ice-removal products, and making sure your snow shovel is sturdy enough for another winter season.

Storm Windows Prepare Your Home for Fall

Home interiors can be kept much warmer in cold climates by installing storm windows. Reduce heat loss, save on utility bills, and stay warm this winter by putting up storm windows in the fall.

Preparing Your Home For Fall

Cooler fall weather is always a welcome reprieve from the hot summer sun, but it’s also a signal that winter weather is not far away. Take advantage of the mild weather of fall to get your home prepared for the cold weather to come.

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