At first thought, you might believe an inspection isn’t necessary when buying a brand new house. After all, everything is brand new: the materials, the construction, the appliances. However, there are many problems that you might encounter when you move into a newly built home. Let’s look at reasons you should order a home inspection on new construction.

New Homes Still Have Problems

When your new house is being built, there will be several things happening at the same time. Your builder will hire various subcontractors to complete most of the work. Those subcontractors will, in turn, hire their own team.

This means your home is being built by workers who are employed by different bosses. It’s impossible for your builder to keep tabs on every single subcontractor and its employees. Mistakes in materials or craftsmanship may happen because it’s difficult to manage and oversee every aspect of the construction process.

Home Inspection on New Construction is Helping for Finding Mistakes

During construction, problems happen. A few issues in newly constructed homes are listed below.

  • Mechanical areas are built too small. This results in water heaters, furnaces or pressure tanks that don’t fit into their assigned spaces.
  • There may be insufficient or missing insulation within the walls or attic.
  • Siding can be cracked upon installation or installed incorrectly.
  • Ventilation missing within the crawlspace. This can cause water damage as condensation builds up
  • Unsafe stairs due to improperly installed handrails.

Municipal Inspections Are Not Enough

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that city or county building inspectors will ensure the safety of your home. These people only have to verify that the home meets minimum code requirements. Often they are on a tight schedule and don’t have the time or training to perform a full home inspection. They will make sure the minimum building code standards are met but may miss major mistakes.

Phase Inspections for New Construction

For the best possible results, get a home inspection on new construction during three different phases of the build.

The first time to get a home inspection is immediately after the foundation is poured. You want your own inspector to verify that everything has been done correctly so you don’t end up with structural damage or foundation issues.

The next phase is after the wiring and plumbing have been installed and before the walls go up. This is the only time your inspector will have full access to plumbing and wiring. Once the drywall goes up, it’s difficult to know whether mistakes were made with these systems. Problems with the plumbing or electrical systems will result in costly repairs for you and your family.

The last phase is after the home has been completed. There is still time to have a home inspector examine the construction before your move-in date.

Help Your Situation at Resale with a Home Inspection on New Construction

You might sell this house in the future. Your buyer will order their own home inspection at that time, and any defects from the original construction will be found and will be your responsibility. This why a home inspection on new construction is so important. Order an inspection so the builder will foot the bill for and complete any needed repairs.

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