When you are preparing your home for sale, you probably have a long to-do list. One thing that you might not have considered yet is ordering a pre-listing inspection. You know the buyer will be ordering an inspection, so why would you need this as the seller? Read on to learn the benefits of having your home inspected before listing.

Learn Where to Focus Your Efforts

Most home sellers make some improvements to their home before putting it on the market. Some repairs get prioritized over others depending on how important they seem to be. If you don’t get a pre-listing inspection, you may focus your resources on one project not knowing that there is a more serious issue to address if you want to sell the house quickly.

Have Your Home Inspected Before Listing to Increase Buyer Confidence

If you have a pre-listing inspection report in hand for a potential buyer to see, he or she will have a higher level of trust in you as the seller. The report might show that the house is in great condition overall. If the report shows a major deficiency, like an aging roof, you can disclose it to the buyer and price the home accordingly.

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard by the Buyer’s Inspection

When a buyer makes an offer, you know that their inspection is not far behind. In the contract, the home inspection is often a contingency of the closing. If major, unexpected issues are found, negotiations will ensue and the buyer may end up changing their mind about the whole transaction. Prevent this situation by getting ahead of the inspection. When you have had your home inspected before listing, you will know what to expect and there should be no surprises.

Have Your Home Inspected to Speed Up the Transaction

When you have had a pre-listing inspection and are upfront with the buyer, there should be few reasons for them to negotiate. Any issues are laid out on the table and you have priced the home to allow for repairs. In this case, you are less likely to experience delays and close faster. Some buyers will even forgo their inspection because you have already provided one, saving even more time.

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