Getting Buyers to Accept Your Offer

Buying a house is an important and expensive endeavor. In order to get your offer accepted, make sure that it’s attractive to the seller.  Follow these tips to increase the chances they will accept it.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will tell the seller that you’re serious about buying a house and will increase your chances of getting your offer accepted. Getting a pre-approval will also indicate that you have already secured financing to pay for the home.

Be Competitive to Get Your Offer Accepted

Making a competitive offer is more than going beyond the asking price. It also includes matching the timing that the seller wants and setting a reasonable closing date. Consider including bonuses like offering to cover fees or free occupancy while the seller prepares to move.

Get a Lawyer

Your real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf, but having access to a lawyer will benefit you in the long run. A lawyer can help you navigate situations involving encumbrances, such as if the seller has an undisclosed lean or is otherwise unable to legally sell the house. Lawyers will also be able to do title searches and file paperwork very efficiently. Hiring a lawyer can accelerate the buying process and will offer more legal protection.

Get Your Offer Accepted by Having Your Finances in Order

Organizing your finances will show that you are serious about buying the property and have the money to do so. It gives the seller peace of mind, knowing that you have the money readily available.

Offer a Substantial Earnest Money Deposit

A small earnest money deposit will make the seller hesitant to accept your offer. A larger deposit will be a show of good faith toward the seller which will make it easier to get your offer accepted.

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