You don’t have to feel claustrophobic in a small bathroom. Thanks to designing tricks, there are many ways to create a more spacious bathroom without costly renovations.

Make the Bathroom Seem Larger

Create a More Spacious Bathroom With Mirrors

Installing a mirror is one of the least expensive and most accessible tricks to make a space seem larger. As a mirror reflects color and light, it creates an illusion that the room is bigger. You can hang mirrors yourself with a few simple tools.

Choose a larger mirror with more surface area, creating more reflection for the best results. You might opt for multiple mirrors. The most common place to install one is above the vanity. Mirrors are easy to install on the back of the bathroom door or on an empty wall to decorate the space and reflect light into the room.

Choose Compact Bathroom Fixtures

A full vanity with cabinets usually houses the sink it the bathroom, but it uses valuable space in a small room. If you have a tiny bathroom, you’re better off with a pedestal sink. The smaller footprint frees up floor space to make the room feel larger.

If you’re limited on space, cabinets and shelving may take too much room. Instead, opt for smaller, open shelves on the walls. Because there aren’t cabinet doors, open shelving creates an illusion of more room.

Switch the Tub for a Shower to Create a More Spacious Bathroom

If you intend to sell your home, a bathtub is a fixture you’ll want to retain. If you have pets or small children you need to bathe, you’ll also want to have a tub. However, if you value space more than the luxury of a full bath, replace it with a walk-in shower to make your bathroom feel more spacious. A shower stall with glass walls and doors keeps the room open and adds to the illusion of a larger area.

Choose Neutral Colors

In a cramped space, bold colors seem busy and overwhelming. Instead, opt for lighter shades. Neutral colors reflect more light and make the bathroom look larger. They also add a touch of elegance and serenity to the décor.

To make the bathroom seem bigger, choose light gray, off-white, and beige. Match the shower tiles and flooring to the walls to further the illusion of more space.

Even a small bathroom can feel roomy. It only takes a few decorating tricks to fool the eye into thinking the space is larger.

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