With the help of computers and high-speed internet, more and more jobs are transitioning to remote work. Employees are comfortable and productive at home. Whether your job has offered work-from-home options or if you just need a space to pay bills, here are some ways to create a home office in a smaller space.

Create a Home Office in the Kitchen

If you have a kitchen island, consider using this space for your office. Depending on the style and organizational features of the kitchen island, you’ll be able to customize a place to work.

Many islands have a power source so you’ll have electricity for your computer. Use the drawers to hold office supplies and to stash your keyboard and mouse after work. If your island has storage underneath, you’ll have space for a printer or to store files.

Find Space in the Living Room

It may require rearranging furniture, but you can make office space in the living room. Add a small desk by a window to enjoy natural lighting. Choose an office chair that matches your living room decor so it can be used in the space outside of work. Find an attractive storage ottoman to hold folders and files.

Closet Office

Choose a closet that you rarely use to create an office space. Remove the closet rod and mount the computer monitors to the wall. Use shelves in the top of the closet to hold file boxes and surplus office supplies.

Things you use every day can be stored on shelving added to the walls on the sides of the closet. Paint the closet walls in an energizing color and add a desk lamp and good overhead lighting.

Office Under the Stairs

The space under a staircase is often ignored and under-used. The slope of the stairs makes an oddly shaped area that usually becomes storage for random items. Convert this space into a functional office.

Install a small desk and add shelving to the walls. You may find that corner shelves help you make better use of the area. Like in a closet office, you can mount a computer monitor to the wall to save space on the desk. Lighting options include a desk lamp, LED lights, or install a pendant light overhead.

Create a Moveable Home Office

If you don’t have room for a permanent office, consider a mobile office that can be relocated at the end of your workday. Choose a desk and chair with wheels. You can roll your office into the kitchen or dining room for work and slide it out of the way when you’re finished for the day.

Wall-Mounted Office

If you need space to work in a small home, mount a desk to the wall. With this method, you can have an office almost anywhere. Some wall-mounted desks fold up to be stored out of the way when not in use.

Find a slim chair or stool that doesn’t require a lot of space. Paint the wall in your office space and add art or family pictures. Use a small desk lamp or wall-mounted light to illuminate the workspace.

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