Summers in the south are brutally hot and come with higher power bills from running the AC constantly. Fortunately, there are some easy methods for cooling your home more efficiently in the summer. You will likely still need to run the AC, but consider supplementing it with these other actions.

Changing AC Filters Often

The air conditioning unit always works more efficiently when the air filter is clean. How often you should change your HVAC filter depends on the unit itself and the type of filters. In general, the denser, high-quality filters need to be changed more often because they trap more particles. Most manufacturers recommend changing the filter at least every three months.

Cooling Your Home More Efficiently by Closing the Drapes

Sunlight streaming into the house through the windows can raise the indoor temperature. When the thermostat detects a higher temperature, it kicks the AC back on to help cool down the space. Keep your home more comfortable by hanging blackout drapes and closing them on hot sunny days.

Thick drapes will keep radiant heat from building up inside. It will be easier to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature while using less energy. As an added bonus, the drapes will also help insulate your home to keep it warm during colder weather.

Weatherstripping the Doors and Windows

If the doors and windows don’t completely seal, cool air will leak outside. Check all of your doors and windows and apply weatherstripping if there are any gaps around the edges. Keeping the conditioned air inside will help with cooling your home more efficiently.

Cooling Your Home More Efficiently with Fans

Ceiling fans and standalone fans will supplement the air conditioner’s efforts to keep the home cool. Fans help rooms feel cooler by creating a wind-chill effect. Make sure ceiling fans circulate counterclockwise in the summer to be most effective.

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