You’ve decided to build your dream home. After shopping around, you carefully chose the builder. Inspections were done before closing. Now you’ve moved in and are enjoying your new house. Why should you order a builder’s warranty inspection?

A builder’s warranty inspection, usually performed in the 11th month, will provide important information about the condition of the house. Here are three reasons to order an inspection before your warranty expires.

1. Have Repairs Made Before the Warranty Expires

New homes are inspected before closing, but conditions can change in those first few months. The house might settle, causing foundation issues. You may realize that it’s not well-insulated. After a big storm, it may become apparent that the property wasn’t graded properly and water leaks into your basement.

Requesting an inspection during the first year of owning the home helps find problems from faulty workmanship. Minor issues can worsen with time, making them more likely to be found during an inspection performed several months after you move in. Defects found by the home inspector should be repaired by your builder before your warranty expires.

2. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection is an Investment

Issues with your home can be very expensive to fix. Finding these defects early saves hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. When you look at an inspection in that light, it is easy to see that it is an investment in your home rather than an unnecessary expense.

Time and weather can reveal issues that weren’t apparent just after construction. Sometimes problems with a home’s systems don’t arise until they are in use. You won’t know the dishwasher leaks until you run a load of dishes, for example. Other things show up with changing seasons. In cold weather, drafts may occur around improperly sealed windows.

Builder’s warranties vary, but the most common type is a one-year warranty. Take full advantage of your coverage to protect your home. Schedule an inspection a month before the end of the warranty to allow plenty of time to file a claim. Familiarize yourself with the warranty to understand what is covered.

3. Protect Your Home’s Resale Value With a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Even if you plan to live in your current home for a long while, protect its resale value. When you do sell the home, your buyer will order an inspection. Any issues discovered, even those originating from the initial build, will be your responsibility to fix.

Ordering a builder’s warranty inspection now will catch problems and make correcting those issues possible, well before the sale of your house.

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