Feeling safe in your house is essential for peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, there are a few necessities to help protect your family. Here are six easy ways to boost safety at home.

Fire Extinguishers Boost Safety at Home

A fire extinguisher can be a lifesaver. Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor of your home and that it is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Verify your device is still adequately pressurized by checking the gauge, and make sure the pin hasn’t been removed.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Inspect your home to make sure you have smoke detectors on every floor, including the basement, and in key areas such as the kitchen, garage, and near fuel-burning appliances. Test the detectors regularly and replace the batteries at least once a year.

Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

Every home should have a well-stocked first aid kit. When assembling your kit, include bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide swabs, tweezers, and adhesive tape. You’ll also want to include over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and antihistamines.

Boost Safety at Home by Securing Windows and Doors

Secure your windows with locks and doors with deadbolts. Replace door or window frames that are cracked or damaged to secure these entry points. For extra security, install bars on windows located on the ground floor of your home.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting deters intruders, improves safety, and makes your home more visible at night. Choose lights with motion sensors, so they will turn on when someone approaches your property. Install lights around walkways and stairs to lower the risk of tripping after dark.

Safety Essentials: Create an Emergency Plan

Have a plan in place in the event of an emergency. Make sure everyone in your home is aware of evacuation routes and other safety measures. Keep a list of emergency contact numbers on the fridge and in the medicine cabinet so they are easy to find, and store a supply of canned goods, bottled water, and emergency items in a safe place.

These tips to improve safety will provide you and your family with peace of mind. Every six months, do a security inspection to verify you have the necessary supplies to keep your home secure.

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